[London, SE1] Tas

We needed a quickish lunch prior to a matinee at the Young Vic. This original branch of a Turkish mini-chain was right across the road and seemed ideal. As well as a full carte, they have a several set menus and we went for one which got each of us a pick of two mezze from the list of ten followed by a main course and a drink (for £19.95).

We shared the four mezze. Tabule was as decent a representation as you’d like – lots of parsley, some bulgher, tomato, nice oil/lemon dressing. Artichoke bottoms had been stewed with carrot & potato and were served cold. Broad beans were mixed with yoghurt, peppers, coriander and dill. The only slight miss was with the sucuk izgara – a mean portion of just four thin slices of sausage, with some salad. They all went well with the bread that was replenished after we’d scoffed the first lot.

Falafal, made from chickpea & broad beans, were fine as a main course. They came with a dollop of houmous and salad. Koftas were flavoursome, moist lamb. They came with couscous and a fiery chilli sauce was offered and accepted.

Good lunch. And we were in and out in less than an hour.

Welcome back, Harters!


I agree with Gwen- welcome back!

I don’t go to the UK much but enjoy all of your posts.

I remember that place, John. I have eaten, years ago, at their branch near Russell Square, and it was a good meal.

There used to be a nice tapas place near the Vics, but I’ll be darned if I remember the name.