London, Scotts v Sheekey

There is something very comfortable about J Sheekey, the food and service are always good, I have reservations about the wine list which I feel has little to excite and has produced an occasional disappointing bottle.

Scotts, on the other hand, is always that little bit more special, more formal, larger tables and a great environment for a serious conversation. It is here that I have always had good but occasionally outstanding fish, a perfect shellfish cocktail of crab, langoustine and prawn, grilled turbot and a lobster mayonnaise come to mind. The wine list is broad and deep and the wines by the glass and carafe look good and the ones I have tried are excellent.

Seems like the home team wins on the penalty shoot-out.

Probably fair! I certainly have a much greater sense of anticipation when heading to Scotts but there are times when the cosier Sheekey’s is appropriate.

What are your takes on Sweetings and Wilton’s? Thank you.

An interesting question but sadly not one I can answer. I last went to Wiltons 25 years ago and remember it is a very British experience, a bit like Simpson’s without the tourists. The food was certainly good but not so special I rushed back. (My favourite story of Wiltons was from an accountant who took two young entrepreneurs there to celebrate with a no expense spared lunch. After 10 minutes of knife and fork agony, the head waiter came to advise they eat gulls eggs with their hands.)
Of Sweetings, I have never been and feel that some research is appropriate and necessary.

Very helpful report. We’ll cheer on your research and look forward to reading the findings.