[London] Recent recommendations in Richmond?

A friend and I were planning to go to La Buvette in Richmond on Monday 8 July, but they’re no longer open on Monday evenings and indeed are closing down for good in August.

Anyone got any recent recommendations for something decent in Richmond, not too far from the station, not too expensive, and open on a Monday night? I think our fallback option will probably be the Orange Tree pub if nothing better comes up.

It’s a few years since I last ate in Richmond but assuming these places are still there and quality unchanged, they were decent enough:

Chez Lindsay - if you were still fancying French, on Hill Rise
Saffron - Persian in the town centre
Swagat - Indian on Richmond Hill
Tangawizi - Indian, with leanings towards East Africa - just over the bridge in what I assume is technically Twickenham

By the by, I’ve also eaten at La Buvette and it may be well worth you making a return trip before it closes.

Thank you! The main courses at Chez Lindsay look a little too expensive for this occasion, but their galettes are within the budget. I’ll suggest that and Saffron to my friend (and also Hilltribe, which looks like a reasonable Thai). I’m interested in Tangawizi but unfortunately it’s a little too far for this one.

I’ve been meaning to go to La Buvette for years but I don’t think I’ll manage it before August :slightly_frowning_face:

We ended up at Hilltribe, which I would characterise as an above-average high-street Thai restaurant. I’d certainly go back if I was looking for an inexpensive dinner in central Richmond. Writeup is here.

I’ve noted that one, Kake, for if I’m back at the National Archives (no plans in the foreseeable, though)

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