[London, Purley] Interesting vegetarian burger at Dexter Burger

Dexter Burger is a small burger restaurant in Purley, South London, opened in mid-2015.

Their vegetarian burger is one of the most interesting veggie burgers I’ve had in a while, made from a mixture of raw and cooked beetroot along with vegetarian sausage mix (the excellent but now-elusive Sosmix), flavoured with fresh horseradish, and served in a brioche bun with a large slice of warm goat cheese.

According to one of the owners, when he was planning the restaurant his vegetarian friends forbade him from doing a mushroom “burger” (i.e. a grilled mushroom in a bun). I suspect they’re more than happy with the result; as a vegetable-loving omnivore I certainly am.

I’ll try the beef burger next time I go, but I think at some point I’ll also challenge them to come up with another similarly-inventive vegetarian option as one of their occasional specials. (The staff were all friendly, and happy to discuss the food.)


With a name like that, you should try persuading them to do a burger from Dexter beef. Which happens to be one of the tastiest breeds I know.

They’re already on it :slight_smile: I forgot to include the link to their website, but it states there that “Dexter Burger predominantly uses grass-fed, rare-breed Dexter Beef, free range chickens and eggs and outdoor reared pork in our menu.”

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Good for them!

If you ever come across a Dexter - alive or dead - then you’re in for a treat. Dead they make great burgers, roasts, steaks, etc. Alive they are really cute - much shorter and more compact than usual cattle - apparently, very popular with folk running small-holdings or “hobby farming”

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