[London] Pie n mash at M. Manze's

M. Manze is perhaps the longest-surviving pie-and-mash shop in London, having been in operation since 1902 when it was founded by Italian immigrant, Michele Manze, whose 3 grandsons run the business today.

What’s not to love about a place where the waitresses all call you “luv” in their broad Cockney accent? Service is quick, and you get what are essentially Manze offerings prepared using recipes which have remained unchanged since it all started.

  1. Pie and mash:, with green parsley sauce.

  1. Jellied eels - delish with a sprinkling of brown vinegar and a generous shake of black pepper:

M. Manze’s
87 Tower Bridge Road
London SE1 4TW
Tel: 020 7407 2985
Opening hours: Mon 11am - 2pm, Tue-Thurs: 10.30am - 2pm,
Fri: 10am - 2.30pm, Sat: 10am - 2.45pm.


“What’s not to love…?” The food, I’m afraid.

I re-try P&M about once every 5 years, hoping that I suddenly realise that it’s actually terrific stuff, and I’ve been wrong all these years. Sadly I still find it entirely tasteless. Shame really, as I love the shops and the heritage, but even a basic chip shop pie is a much better meal, IMO.

Excellent pics, BTW!

LOL! Have you tried putting ketchup on top of the pie-and-mash? Improves the flavours tremendously, I can assure you.

Northerner chipping in here.

Pie & mash is wrong. Pies and chips is right.

Parsley sauce with pie and anything is very, very wrong.

Pie & chips with ketchup works. Pie and mash with ketchup may well work.

(PS: Parsley sauce with baked gammon is so right. I had it at the late Keith Floyd’s pub (and the man himself was there, holding court)

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ROFL! You’ll get into a food fight with the Londoners, Harters!

Black puddings at dawn, Peter.

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Thanks for this post Peter, I read it and put M. Manze on my list of things to try in London. I had a pie and mash with a side of jellied eels. The minced beef pie was delicious. Crispy top and flaky soft inside crust with a juicy meat interior. However I don’t think I’m a big fan of the parsley sauce, which I found slightly thick but mostly tasteless with a hint of parsley. Some salt helped. Mash was ok but maybe could have benefited from some more fat.

The jellied eels looked a little weird but were quite good. Cold with firm meat, and nice broth flavored jelly. A little tricky to dig all the the meat off the bones.