[London, NW1] Ravi Shankar

If our train gets in to Euston at lunchtime, we’ll usually head for one of the Indian places on Drummond Street. We’ve had some decent lunches there. I don’t think we’ve been to Ravi Shankar before. Or, if we have, it must have been better than this occasion – you often remember the misses better than the hits. As a number of other places on the road, lunch is by way of a vegetarian buffet. So, OK, expectations are never high when it’s a buffet but, frankly, this just wasn’t very good.

There was quite range of dishes, but few worthy of mention, as most were very samey, both in texture and flavour. Mini masala dosas were nice (although they’d lost their crispness standing around for a while on the buffet. And a lightly spiced potato and spinach curry was decent enough. Although, call it “lightly spiced” or just bland, nothing had the vibrancy you expect of South Asian food. It’s a sign of just how disappointing this all was that the tastiest and most interesting thing I ate was their version of coleslaw.