[London] Lahore Kebab House

Lahore Kebab House is a Pakistani restaurant in Whitechapel. I went here for an early dinner and had the dry lamb (£9.50), which was off of the specials list. They only serve this dish from Wednesday to Sunday. I also added a piece of butter nan (£1.50) and a piece of tandoori roti (£1.00).

The dry lamb came out in a little wok like dish. It was not really dry. I was expecting some sort of tandoori lamb, but this was in a bit of sauce. I guess it’s probably drier than a lamb curry. Really good. The chunks of lamb were very moist tender, with a consistency similar to lamb stew. The sauce was well spiced and a little greasy, which was fine with me.

I mopped up some of the sauce with the nan and roti, which were OK. Not super fluffy and maybe a little undercooked in spots.


I prefer Lahore Kebab House ovet Tayyabs any day. Their lamb chops are great.

Ah, I also had a dinner at Tayyabs. I did like my meal at Lahore Kebab House a little more, though this is based off of one visit each and with different dishes.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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