London ( Hammersmith-ish) please critique my chef's recs !

Staying in London ( Hammersmith/West Ken borderlands ) in a couple of weeks for long weekend.
Last time I ate in Hammersmith was about 20 years ago
Remember it was decent. Is it still ?

In the meantime…
Son of a friend is a chef.
Some of his recs are

20 mins -away

40 mins away

shoreditch way

Any thoughts or comments on the above ?

Any other ‘borderland’ recs ? All cuisines considered but Chinese and curry not favoured. Nowhere up itself, or snooty please.

Thanks in advance.


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We never got round to eating Phil Howard’s fod at The Square but I’m sure his cooking at Elystan Street will be spot on.

But…there’s a main course dish of houmous and roast cauliflower on the sample menu priced at twenty four fucking quid. They see you coming a mile off - even by London pricing standards.

indeed so, Mr H !
I sent the same list to my other half, last night…
Currently praying she doesn’t plump for there for Saturday night dinner :slight_smile:

As you say, quite a few of those are not near Hammersmith!

The first few I’m not familiar with.

Brat is supposed to be good but really hard to get into (bookings scarce and long queues for walk-ins), so I’ve never bothered.

Trinity is excellent. There is downstairs for more formal michelin-style dining, upstairs for casual but we’ll executed small plates and wine. Make a booking if you plan to go.

Leroy is good, but for me if I was in that area I’d go to Lyles instead. Similar approach but I prefer their execution.

The most popular opening near Hammersmith lately (be it with a very specific group of people) must be jollibee in earl’s court. The first and only European outpost of an omnipresent and well-loved fried chicken chain in the Philippines. I have no idea what it’s like as the local Filipino community have it continuously mobbed with home-sick, multiple-hour queues wending their way for blocks down the road.

Thanks Dean
May well try to get into Trinity as I liked the look of that. Upstairs or down, though - have you eaten at both ?
That said,is there anywhere of that ilk slightly closer to Hammersmith ? Esp the upstairs/ small plates/tapas and good wines by the glass that do not destroy your wallet and/or faith in humanity ?

Walking distance away I’d try to get to the Harwood Arms as a priority and have their bar snack if you can’t get a table.

A five minute Uber to 101 Thai for north eastern dishes.

River Cafe for Italian - reliably good.

Not convinced by 108 personally but know people who love it and the neighborhood is fun.


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Yes. Both are great for food and experience. It really depends what style you prefer. Downstairs for proper michelin-style white tablecloth service and fussier meals. Upstairs for casual small plates in a more relaxed setting.

Some good suggestions from @Hyperion. For similar to trinity but closer I don’t really know West London so well and can’t think of anything of that style in the area. Sorry!

I’ve delayed replying as my rec was Thai 101in Hammersmith as per @Hyperion’s rec and as I had a table booked tonight ,thought I’d make sure it was still as good as previous visits.

Happy to report that all dishes were good. Isaan sausage still great ( you might find the texture a bit soft as it’s properly fermented). Laab nice and spicy with lot of herbs and citrus. Som Tum with salted crab was a very good version.

Tried 2 new dishes. Soft shell crab curry was quite mild but sweet and fragrant. Lovely texture on the crab. The Southern Thai mackerel curry was very spicy but deep flavour and nice bits of mackerel.
I took. 2 people who’ve eaten a lot of Thai food and they were both suitably impressed.

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Thanks all
Just posted first review from our trip - 108 Garage last night. Memorable to sat the least.
Harwood Arms tonight!

Try the Laotian fish salad and Kua Kling next time - my favourites!

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