London for Work - August 29 to Sept 5

So I am in London for work August 29 to September 5. Staying in Westminster near my office, though moving hotels on Friday to Bermondsey Square Hotel, then the final night (September 4) will stay at the Bull’s Head in Chiselhurst (my friend lives in Chiselhurst).

August 30 - Chishuru for dinner
August 31 - Brat (Shoreditch) for dinner
September 1 - Cavita
September 2 - 40 Maltby Street
September 3 - No Plans
September 4 - No Plans
September 5 - My flight is that evening, so we might go do tea or something before I head to the airport.

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So I ended up doing exactly those 4 places for dinners. Chishuru was fantastic. I just saw they were closing their Brixton location (this weekend) and are reopening somewhere different in 2023.

Brat was outstanidng as was Cavita. 40 Maltby is a place I am pissed it took me so long to go to.

the rest of the weekend was spent in Chiselhurst with friends, so a good time was had. Was a good return to London.

Headed back for work again on November 26 (saved 2K on the flight by flying out on Saturday) and will be there until Dec 3.

Starting to think through what I want to do. Thinking going a bit old school. Probably will try and play it more by ear this time since heading to the pub after work is definitely a thing.