[London] Food walk along London Road, Croydon, Saturday 12 October 2019

On Saturday 12 October I’m leading a food walk along London Road, Croydon. There’s a lot of interesting stuff along here, including Ghanaian, Sri Lankan, Mauritian, Jamaican, and the best vegan sausage roll I’ve ever tasted.

Key details and info on how to book are on my website. There are a few places left, and it would be great to have some Onions along.

(NB Although I’m collecting cash in advance, I’m not making money from this. I will be putting in the same amount as everyone else, any cash left after paying for the food will be donated to a local foodbank, and a full accounting of costs will be made available.)


A bit too far to travel for me, Kake, but hope it all goes well. Sounds like a great idea, particularly as I know London Road is your “specialist subject”

Thanks John! And yes, there may well be some historical info imparted along the way :smiley:

Sounds exciting. Wished I was in London.

I’d like to hope that you set the bar very low here.

Thanks Peter! If it goes well I’ll likely do a re-run some time next year… do let me know when you’re next going to be in town.

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It’s actually delicious! The filling is a really good mushroom sort-of-pate. They also do “fake meat” style sausage rolls, but it’s the mushroom ones I love.

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Definitely will. I really liked to try Ghanaian.

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Did a brief write-up: https://london-road-croydon.org/history/postponement-of-november-2019-article.html

Thanks. As always, I’ve almost more interest in your research into the history of the buildings, than the specific food matters. All fascinating stuff - even to this Northerner.