[London] Cafe TPT in Chinatown

Cafe TPT is my go-to place for South-east Asian-style curries whilst in London.

  1. Curry Laksa - this one is closest to KL-style curry laksa, than those from Singapore or other states in Malaysia (the ones from Penang or Ipoh are all pretty distinct and wholly different from each other)

Cafe TPT’s version has yellow Hokkien noodles, with shrimp, fishcakes, tofu puffs, long beans ( de rigeur in KL-style laksa), mussels, beansprouts and chicken slices.

  1. Beef flank curry, with steamed white rice on the side. One of the best Chinese-Malaysian-style curries I’d had.

It’s a tiny eatery - I’d only tried these two spicier options, but not its more HK-Cantonese mainstay dishes yet. But I really enjoyed these two which I had.

Cafe TPT
21 Wardour Street, Chinatown
London W1D 6PN
Tel: +44 20 7734 7980
Opening hours: 12 noon - 1am daily.

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