[London] British fare at the Quality Chop House, Clerkenwell

Quality Chop House on Farringdon Road is located in premises that date back to 1869, and its extremely narrow booth seating seemed to hark back to a time when Britons were (much) smaller in size.

Anyway, thanks to fellow Hungry Onioner, @ds, for introducing me to this wonderful lunch spot. Good quality ingredients, with some really deft touches by its talented kitchen crew.

Our lunch consisted of:

  1. Salt & pepper sprats, malt vinegar mayonnaise

  2. Tomato, raspberries, goat’s milk curd, samphire

  3. Middle White pork terrine, gherkin, Kernel mustard

Main courses

  1. Parmesan polenta, courgette, shallots, egg yolk

  2. Galloway mince on dripping toast

  3. Cornish pollack, smoked mackerel stock, sauce vierge


  1. Lincolnshire Poacher, crackers, pickled Tropea onion

  1. Treacle tart with creme fraiche

  1. Madagascan chocolate ice-cream, vanilla custard, Capezzana olive oil

Loved the Old World ambience of the whole place, its antique plates and cutlery, and the polite & very efficient service.

Quality Chop House
88-94 Farringdon Road, Clerkenwell
London EC1R 3EA, UK
Tel: +44 20 7278 1452
Opening hours: Mon.-Sat 12 noon-2.30pm, pm-10pm
Sun 12 noon-4pm


The terrine is calling us. How was it? Thank you.

As good as it gets. Must-try if it’s on the menu.

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I’ve just posted a review of a chop house meal in Manchester. We were offered a booth but asked for a table and chairs - I think I could have squeezed into the booth but not comfortably. We were much shorter and slimmer back in Victorian times.

And I lust after that mince on toast - Galloway is such a tasty beast.

And dripping with anything is a winner (well, except apple pie I suppose). The chop house I was at last night serves its bread with dripping and gravy for dunking - none of the poncy olive oil and balsamic you get in America.


Right on! :joy::+1:

Quality Chop House also has a section with tables & chairs in its newer wing, but we endured the booth seats as the atmosphere in the original dining room felt more “authentic” somehow. :joy:

Wonderful. Love this kind of place and food.

It annoys me that some people are quick to make (ignorant/disparaging) remarks about British/German/Austrian etc food. I don’t even dignify that with an answer. These are the same people who like food and do travel, btw.

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The mutton croquettes are also singing to us.

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