[London] Borough Market Eats

Borough Market, despite its increasing touristy image, remains one of my favourite go-to places to spend a few hours on a food safari. Some of the stuff I had last Sunday (besides breakfast at Maria’s Market Café):

  1. Ethiopian Flavours - the smells emanating from the huge sizzling paella pans attracted my attention the moment I stepped into the Green Market section

‘Doro tibs’ (stewed chicken), ‘sega tibs’ (stewed beef), ‘yekik alicha’ (stewed lentils) and ‘gomen’ (stewed spinach):

  1. Richard Haward’s Oyster stall

We had medium-sized Mersea rock oysters £10 for 8 pieces.

  1. Porteña for Argentinian empanadas at £2 each. We tried 4 types: ham-and-cheese, spicy chicken, spinach-and-ricotta and traditional beef. I liked all of them except for the spinach-ricotta one which seemed too bland.

  1. Gourmet Goat for kid goat kofta with tzatziki and fresh chilli salsa. £6.80.

  1. Shetlands salt-and-pepper chilli squid.

  1. Comptoir Gourmand for its Bakewell tart, Aussie Lamington cake and bread-and-butter pudding.

  1. Bread Ahead for its incredible custard crème-filled donuts.


Once again, I am in awe at the capacity of your appetite. :slight_smile:

Ah, but I only graze :grin: