Lola's Coffe & More

Continuing the discussion from Openings/Closing April, May, June 2023 [Greater Boston, New England]: Been waiting for this opening at 5 Playstead Rd., Medford. Stopped by last week, run by owners of Len’s Coffee( . It’s self service, with multiple choices that they both import and roast in press pots. I chose the breakfast blend - hot, smooth, low acidity. Then checked out what fresh baked pastries were available. The baker is from the Philippines so primarily interested in things new to me. Came away with Ube lime pie, coconut custard macaroons and a coffee roll. Use lime pie was delicious 1st bit to last, same for macaroons. The coffee roll icing was great, cinnamon swirl fine but dough was too thick/heavy.


Just seeing this now. TY @sciaccagirl!