Lohud Strikes Again

The readers have spoken -really? In these polls they only offer a couple of choices. They have published their favorite foods of 2017. The awful Croton Creek Steakhouse (IMO) tops the list.

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As if that photo of the Walter’s hotdog isn’t enough to make one retch :frowning:
One look at that and I closed the link, but not before noting that
Croton Creek restaurant has closed, they named/chose a closed restaurant
as a “best of” !!!


And then there is this - really? Who are these people?

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They sound, on the whole, young.

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Very - some of the places on the wish lists - wow!

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Just when I was about to give up on “suggested” best of restaurants in Westchester,they get it right. A closed restaurant is (unfortunately) better than many of the open restaurants!


Do you mean the steak place? DH and I never liked that place. We went twice and the service was like eating in a diner. The steaks had no flavor - you needed the sauces that they charged extra for. And we loved having a place so close, but we never went back. If that is what you mean, did they get better? It has a different name now but is it the same owners?

I think he means that a place that is closed, as in has no food, is better than many places that do serve food.

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I think you’re right!

YEP, that’s what i meant- truly a sad scene in westchester dining. I find crossing the border to ct. seems to be better choices. Again I’m somewhat disabled and out more at lunch time,so my judgements are a bit different from the normal (I think). I did enjoy a very good burger at Harlan Social in Stamford(except for the price). Was hoping I could see how village social was in rye from that visit (not sure if that is the right name or not) but looking on-line,i don’t think the two are connected,I think pleasantville and rye are,but stamford is completely separate?

Village Social is not related to Harlan Social.Village Social is related to Village Social in Mt. Kisco, Locali in New Canaan and Pub Street in Pleasantville. JFood mentioned Harlan Social - he liked it.

Now I realize what you meant. I originally replied at about 6:30 AM!! Sleeping!! We have been heading toward CT more often these days too.

ots,but whatever happened to jfood’s web-site/blog? No activity at all this year. Did i miss an announcement?

JFood moved out of the area and no longer posts here. Here is a link to the blog that he wrote for - it still has come useful info about CT food.

thnx for the info.I’ve missed his writing and recommendations.I’ll add the link for ct.bites,but already,the more interesting places are further away- aaargh. Also, looking over the best of,I’ve already spotted one writer,with recommendations of several places I am familiar with - and disagree. So new ppl. to sort thru,J-food,when i did try his suggestions usually worked very well

I agree. Got a lot of good recs from JFood. If you find anything interesting, let us know here. I’ll do the same.

These certainly are some odd lists. The Daily Voice list has atrocious writing and editing too which is depressing. I don’t see a link to the Westchester magazine list.

It’s really all LOHUD. I’ll chanve the title.

I know one of them and can tell you, they think Cosi, Barnes and Noble & Starbucks are upscale eateries, but view themselves as “foodies.” :joy:

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If the Whitlock were on my dining wishlist then I might as well not eat out!

Harlan Social has a sib in South Norwalk, Harlan Publick. In my CTBites survey of the best burgers of 2017 their burger won best of show.

Yes, sadly JFood moved to Atlanta, but his swan song entry for CTBites appeared New Years Eve as part of our staff’s selection of the Top 2017 Eats. Though this HO seems to be more Westchester centric, here is a link to what we and JFood thought were the cream of the crop in the CT region last year.

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