Lohud Names 5 Greatest Cider Donuts in the Hudson Valley

Here are their picks.

I’ve had Harvest Moon and Salinger’s. They are so good and nothing beats them when they are fresh and hot. Did they miss any?

I’ve had the ones at Stuart’s Farm - they are good! Lawrence Farms used to have good ones too, but we haven’t been up there for a while. We’ll have to check out some of these others - my husband LOVES cider doughnuts!

Great article! I’ve only been to Stuart’s ( I think) which was a nightmare. I had to wait in like for like a half hour and it just wasn’t worth it.

My favorite cider donuts require a trip up to the Binghamton area to the Cider Mill. http://cidermillendicott.com/ The turnover is so fast that they are always always super fresh. I inevitably end up with powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar all over my face and car. They also freeze amazingly so we usually pick up a couple dozen when we make the trip there.

Does anyone remember the ones from the farm in Armonk? Yes, Armonk. Before they put in some expensive condos. They were fantastic. I think the place was called Schultz’s Cider Mill. Great farm, great donuts.

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They were pretty comprehensive with this one! I’m impressed that they mentioned the ones at Thompson’s Cider Mill. Theirs were delicious. I’ve had most of the ones mentioned. Did they name Outhouse Orchards (down the street from Harvest Moon)? Theirs were good as well.

Nope and those are good too.

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