Log on problem - posted on behalf of HO newbie

CH user, walker, posts this on CH and I’ve said I’ll post here on her/his behalf. Can we sort it please, or let me know if he/she is doing something “wrong” and I’ll pass on the advice.

"Yesterday I decided to sign up on HO as mise-en-place. Everything seemed to be going fine, said that user name was available. I received an email from HO.

Later I tried to log on, couldn’t, sent an inquiry to admin@hungryonion.org. It was returned as undeliverable.

If I try to log on it doesn’t go through, says incorrect password, email, or user name. "



I saw that post on CH. What’s the user name registered?

admin@hungryonion.org address should be fine also. I just replied a email there separately.

User name is mise-en-place.

Could you please check for me that there’s been nothing untoward about her/his registration that’s messing things up.

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There is an issue with the email address. Walker tried to email again and it bounced back. And I’ve just tried and also had a bounce back.

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@hungryonion I tried to signup with a new normal account a few month before, it seems hotmail signup can be a problem.

@Harters Do you know what is the newbie email domain? (like gmail.com or hotmail.com etc) thanks

naf - HO and Mise are now in direct touch via email. FWIW, mise’s email is gmail and mine is aol. With neither working, it looks like it’s an issue at the HO end.

OK thanks.

Just to clarify Harters is saying emailing to admin@hungryonion.org doesn’t work from aol and gmail

I’ve sent a mail to this email address, I got a “received” reply.

Well, ok. I sent admin@hungryonion.org 5 emails. 4 out of 5 bounces. Need to find out why the selective love.

A replacement email for the time being?

I’ve given Mise your personal email address, as you asked. She’ll presumably get in touch directly about the log on problem.


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I’ve updated the admin email on the About page to be hungryonion1@gmail.com


Resolved. thanks

So, I suppose you could say you’ve “put in place” stuff for “mise en place”


Oui oui!