Lodi, CA: La Morentia Taco Truck

Super nice people, tables in the shade, large portions and tiny prices.

I split the copious meat between the two tortillas per taco -> 4 tacos!

DH ordered an al Pastor tostado, again, big, fresh, lots of meat, no beans, good veg.

And a new drink for us, agua de pepino, cucumber water, a huge almost quart container. Refreshing and not TOO sweet.
Tab: $10 for everything. Makes you want to make a diversion to Lodi.


Not too familiar with Lodi here. I am curious- what’s in Lodi? Wineries?

Yes. Lots, and some quite decent. For us, it is en route to the country, and usually around lunch time. Huge latino population, so large selection of very good Mexican food at every level.

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That’s an expansive view of what constitutes the “Bay Area” .
Central Valley Mexican Food is wunderbar I gotta say. Always tasty.
I’m not complaining. We’ve been described up here in Ashlandia more than once as Marin’s Northernmost outpost,

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Ooops, and thanks. I didn’t catch the locale option, and now I see that I am outside the edit time limit. Since Lodi is often our lunch stop, I’ll be more careful in the future. Again, thanks.

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Oh jeez, I was kidding. No one would have seen it if you hadn’t posted where you did.
My son wife and grandkid are moving back up here from Folsom to the ancestral peach ranch so inland California has been on my mind.

That’s exciting! Is the orchard still viable? One of my favorite reads was Epitaph for a Peach, a son’s long fight to keep an heirloom peach orchard in the modern world. Do keep us posted on their move and endeavors.
The Central Valley ichanges by the month. New vineyards in grazing lands, new walnut and cherry orchards everywhere. A friend’s son, a winemaker, has gone around and bought up old vineyards, often just ahead of the bulldozers, and has revived hundreds of acres of now cherished “old vine” tracts. His wine is really spectacular. The New Central Valley!

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Funny you say that. Today in a couple of hours is the first day of picking. :slight_smile:
They’re bringing the goat herd back too!

LOVE goats!