LOCOL, oakland, ca.

Local: joint venture between Roy Choi and Patterson opened recently at Plum’s old spot.-offering fast food choices at reasonable prices and healthy alternatives. (preview of what’s offered in the inner cities)

menu: yotchuys(sides 2) burgs(5) bowls(5) deluc(5) drinks (2), crunchies (4) foldies(3) brekkies (various)
-eats: cheeseburg (5) “mystery meat with awesome sauce”
tender mystery meat with funny tasty sauce
-eats: bbq turkey (5)
-shredds of turkey ala pulled pork, tasted fab

prices reasonalble at uptown location, even reasonble in tendorline where grease, fat are the alternative eats.
above average service by inner city youth. trump would be flabbergasted,

Not to nitpick, but isn’t the enterprise called “LocoL”?

you’re right. wrong vowel, a should be an O. waiting for ur review once tenderloin place opens.

I stopped by on the day after their public opening and despite the lines being quite long I was impressed with how well they were doing so soon after opening. After a friendly menu-hander told me I could order from a kiosk instead of the long line, I took that option. My preferred ordering option of fried chicken burg (it seems to have sold out quickly according to their social media accounts), so I got the ham burg and greens (and green drink).
The burger was fine for the price, but not particularly special. I enjoyed the bun and accoutrements, but the patty was a bit blah. The greens were some of the best I’ve ever tasted, especially with the suggested addition of hot sauce by the friendly staff. They were quite savory, I imagine from the addition of a flavorful, concentrated stock, but if they happen to be vegetarian, I am amazed, and should probably beg for the recipe. I’ll be back to try more, and consider this a good fast option.

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