Lockhart's BBQ in Royal Oak, MI...they do get this part right

Hey there. I haven’t had a desire to return to Lockhart’s since the one chance I gave them very early on and wasn’t impressed with their BBQ. It happens, and I didn’t condemn them to live in death or anything…I just didn’t think that their BBQ was on par with the better places out there in the Detroit Metro area. Nothing I needed to go back for, anyway.

Having said that, I recently found out that the chili they make at Lockhart’s is actual Texas-style chili, meaning made without beans of any kind, which I abhor. CHILI SHOULD NOT HAVE BEANS. EVER. I called ahead to double-check about the beanlessness of their chili, just so I wouldn’t be disappointed in that way. Sure, it might still not be the most enjoyable chili I’ve ever eaten, but at least it would qualify as actual chili and would not have beans.

Stopped in for lunch today, on an early Saturday afternoon, and almost gave their BBQ another chance today. I was very hungry when I went, and as a result, I was thinking that maybe I’d just try the chili another time. Nope! I stuck to my guns and ordered the not-exactly-cheap $7.99 bowl (as opposed to the $3.99 cup) of chili, which came with a side of cornbread (the cup doesn’t) and the brought-to-the-table-for-everyone pickles vegetables they provide.

To be succinct: not bad at all.

It definitely qualifies under my definition of chili: a meat stew with tomatoes, onions, and spices, with no beans, of course. It was actually a pretty generous bowl for $7.99, and it tasted good to me. Not my favorite ever, and nowhere close, but very solid, enjoyable, and in all honesty: you don’t feel like you’re getting fleeced at $8 a bowl. This is a very meaty chili, and it makes you happy that way. The other side items help it along a bit, but the chili is the star of the show, and it doesn’t need anything more than its own contribution to make it stand out on its own.

So I might not be able to recommend Lockhart’s for BBQ, but I honestly can for their chili. I’ll be back.


The New Jersey Forum is heating up with a chili discussion for the Garden State. Might be interesting to start a similar thread here, since you’ve posted for Lockhart’s…

I love chili. It’s our Official Meal for Super Bowl Sunday here at home. But being on the backside of 60, I’ve found that chili no longer loves me. So it’s become a home-only dish for me. :sob:

Would like to see others in the Detroit Metro chime in on this thread, tho.

Well, here’s what I find with chili. I’m 44. Some of it really does upset my stomach, but I eat it any way. Just earlier in the day. Latest I’ll usually go is 8pm-9pm.

I make a greek chili that’s usually served atop of hot dogs. I love to eat it with potato chips, but I try not to eat it late at night. If I do eat late at night I try to give myself enough time before I lay down. If I lay down it’s gonna wanna go back up. So when I lay down I prop myself up so I’m not flat.

The other night I got home about 3AM and I microwaved some chili. But I only ate a little and saved the rest for later.

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