Location on Profile?

Is there a quick way to know where someone is based (if they have chosen to share that)?

Either I haven’t figured this out or it’s a deliberate choice…

I click on profile name, but that just takes me to the various posts. Then I look back through either restaurant posts or if someone shared a summary intro when they joined, but that’s a lot of scrolling/searching.


I don’t think there is…But you did provide a nudge to add the info to my profile! I used the area where your real name can be listed.

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Well, that can solve my own location issue, but doesn’t help with other peoples’ locations :joy:


There is an option to allow users to enter their location in their profile. Its an opt in, meaning for others to know the location, the user will have to explicitly share that info.

You can see the location of users who have shared their location by clicking Users->Users Map. Though as you can see, because we haven’t publicized this feature and not a lot of users opted in, there are only a few on the map.


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