Location mapping is now enabled for alpha testing for the SF/ NYCT board

Try it- when creating a new topic, click the ‘Add Location’ button in the composer window.

Feedback requested- bugs, mapping issue, usability issues. Thanks!

@mariacarmen @hyperbowler @ernie_in_berkeley Even though rworange isn’t here, she would have been excited…!

@ieatalotoficecream @winecountrygirl @biondanonima The event plugin is enabled for NYCT too. Haven’t played around with it too much yet.


I’ll give it a try.

How do I change the time?

Never mind, figured it out!

The ability to map an address with the current mapping provider is rather subpar. A missing comma, St instead of Street, Blvd instead of Boulevard may not return results.

Just updated the plugin. Seems not to be mapping anything. Flagged the developer. Plugin disabled for now. @Mr_Happy

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The developer has taken a look at the issue of map not showing all the mapped location and addressed it. Now the SF map is showing all the previously mapped locations.