Locally sourced gift basket (Bos/NE)

I need to send a Thank You gift basket to a group and wanted something local and food oriented.

I’m leaning toward the Dancing Deer gift tower that is full of cookies and brownies. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I would prefer a local (Mass or at least New England) company.

Willing to spend between $75-100 not including shipping costs.

You might call Pemberton Farms in Cambridge; they specialize in gift baskets and will put a custom basket together for you.

Stonewall Kitchen has baskets (our company used them for corporate gifts a couple of years ago), but even better, Formaggio Kitchen will make up a basket for you.

There’s also a site called “Boston Gift Baskets” located in Chestnut Hill - http://www.boston-gift-baskets.com/

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I’ve never had these but it’s a well-respected brand.

Thanks for the recs. Formaggio may be an option. Actually all your suggestions are interesting! I’ll keep them all on my list even if I don’t use them for this gift. They look like they will come in handy!

2nd Formaggio, they have done wonderful gifts for me in the past. Their product is high quality, but expensive. If you are looking for abundance, your budget may not provide that. However you certainly will not question the quality or care in selection of the items in the gift. The staff at Formaggio is extremely knowledgable and helpful.

I ended up sticking with Dancing Deer. As mentioned, more bang for my buck. It’s a larger group of people so I wanted enough treats to go around but also fit my budget. They have a nice tower with cookies and brownies in lovely wicker baskets. Also, DD is currently offering free shipping so that saved me a bundle! I’ll save Formaggio when I need a special gift for friend or family.

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You really can’t go wrong with Dancing Deer.

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