"Local Summer" and other deals down the shore

Just saw a posting for Eventide Grile in Navesink, so I figured I’d start a thread because there are some terrific off-season deals down here! I’ve neve been to this restaurant, but knowing how @joonjoon and others have mentioned their love of a good prime rib deal, here ya go:

Every Thursday, Prime Rib w/mashed potatoes and asparagus is $18.95, and they also have 1/2 price wines by the bottle.

Add others to this list! I need to get exploring…

Should I be embarassed to say I have no idea where Navesink is?

Been a while since I had me some good cheap prime rib. My go-to spot is Clancy’s in Neptune where it’s pretty much always on “special” for 18 bucks with soup/salad and a huge dessert.

That’s got me wondering though, does anyone in NJ serve a high-end prime rib worth seeking out?

liked Eventide as an apps/drink kind of place…burger was good…if you go too late it’s gets to be sort of a large crowd heavy drinking spot from my few times there…on the plus side they have dine and dock though…

I feel better…I had to look at a map to see where Navesink was too! :slight_smile: For those who are unsure, it’s up near the Atlantic Highlands.

No this place isn’t exactly near Atlantic highlands. It is right on the border of sea bright and Monmouth beach…river side.

It is across the street from ama.

I haven’t been in years. I used to hit all you can eat snow crab night and demolish this place. The good old days.

Joon, I have no clue about any awesome prime rib but the sitting duck special is pretty good.