Local James Beard nominees

Lots of familiar names and a few new ones to check out.


Curious about how the nominations are made…or aren’t. Steve Johnson was never nominated, I think. Would be interesting to catalog the influential Boston chefs who never got the nod.


More Steve Johnsons are exactly what we need. It seems as if these awards are more and more focused on the business side of things and name cache, rather than the chefs who actually turn out the best food.

The finalists were announced, and I have to say that Carl Dooley, Seizi Imura, and Peter Ungar all run circles around Tiffani Faison as actual chefs. Each of them are in their restaurants nightly, hands on, turning out some of the most consistently delicious and innovative food in the world. Faison is busy opening new places and leaving the others (that weren’t great to begin with) largely behind.


Agree with every word you said @uni. It’s disappointing.

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I’ve honestly stopped paying attention to any of these ‘world-renowned’ or ‘national-renowned’ awards like James Beard or even Michelin. I find them to be too political, biased, etc. And for Michelin, I just don’t care that much about service to justify the hefty price tags at these places. Great food is everywhere within many cuisines, and these awards are just too biased for me.