Local(ish) flour to bake bread/pizza [SF Bay Area]

Hello fellow hungry onions,

During the course of the pandemic, I taught myself to bake both bread and to make pizza, and other sorts of flatbread (Palestinian, Indian) on the grill.

Now, the question I have is, are you aware of any good local flours I can use to make my bread and pizza with? Yes, I can buy giant bags of flour at Costco for not very much, and I have. I considered getting Cairnspring Mills flour from WA, but the cost seems astronomical and what if I don’t like the taste in the end? :slightly_smiling_face:

Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

Very good local provider in South San Francisco.


The Mill (Josey Baker bread) on Divisadero in SF grinds their own flour and sells it (and also makes excellent bread).


Monterey Market in Berkeley has several varieties of Community Grains whole wheat flours.
Community Grains is also based in Berkeley.


Thanks everyone for all your inputs!

@sck I had no idea Central Milling was local. @Google_Gourmet I will also give Giusto’s a try, for sure.

And finally @ernie_in_berkeley - good to see you here, reminds me of the good old CH days!

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Thanks @jiaozi !

Central Milling is in Utah.

@Alan707 that was my impression, hence my remark above.

I have a few suggestions that I haven’t seen mentioned yet.

Farmer Mai has flour share subscriptions. They grow wheat in California that is only watered with rainfall. I have yet to bake with their wheat, mostly because I live over an hour away from the pick up spots, but it looks like they now sell 5" bags at a few places in North Bay and Sonoma County.

Keith Guistos sells their own flours in addition to the Central Milling flours. There is a California wheat, Yecora Rojo, that is a hard red wheat berry that is listed, but it looks like you need to buy 50 lbs bags and it is listed in their wholesale section.

Full Belly Farm sells wheat, and I can sometimes find it at Monterey Market in Berkeley. I’ve seen their Sonora wheat around.

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Also try Capay Mills https://www.capaymills.com