Local Boston Food Delivery Services Markup

Which, if any of these local delivery services services, do you use?

We had been using DoorDash a lot. It has a ton of options that don’t deliver otherwise, the interface / order tracking is great, and the convenience is undeniable. The driver service is spotty and getting worse. We have had several (very) late arriving orders and one that didn’t come at all. Also some of the food arrives looks like it was driven in an offroad race. However, the thing that has really been irking me are the prices. If you dig for it, Doordash’s website states: “For many of our restaurants, the prices you pay on DoorDash are the same as you would pay in store. However, sometimes they are different and for different reasons. When merchants sign onto our network, they pay us a commission fee to help cover the cost of our delivery fleet. To help pay part of their commission, some merchants have decided to add a slight increase to certain menu items.”

My experience is that the prices are almost never the same as the menu prices, and the markups seem to be getting worse as time goes by. I can justify a $5.99 delivery fee + tip, however the menu item markups really start to add up. 15-25%+ is becoming commonplace with Doordash. Not that I am more conscious of this, I am becoming for less inclined to use these services. Though I have found Foodler to be more reasonable.

Love this topic. I’ve gotten pretty stuck on Foodler because it’s what I’ve always done and because Foodler seems to offer food through other services too like DiningIn.

I did use Foodler in the past but the delivery service has become so shoddy that the last time I was about to push “order” I asked myself if I wanted to get dressed and run outside to get my food. I decided that if I had to get dressed and go out, I’d walk somewhere and pick up my own meal.

The new routine seems to be for the so-called delivery person to call from his or her car to tell you to come down and get the food.

I’m not talking about a delivery to a fifth-floor walk up. It’s an elevator building. We always tip. I considered letting the concierge sign for the delivery. Our staff would happily bring it up to me, but when I’ve already paid for delivery, I expect delivery to my door.


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I’m with you. $5.99+ delivery fee plus tip, and they’re trying to get me to run out to their car? I alternate between amusement and annoyance on this one. Having to answer the phone on every order takes away from the convenience of using the app. Every time “I have food for XXX”…“Yep, bring it right on up the the front door, the address is clearly marked”…

We live in a single family that is very easy to find and the address is clearly marked. There are always spots available on the street, and a driveway they can pull right into with the door 10 feet from where they could park. It’s kind of a joke.

To me, many are being awfully lazy. First, you don’t want to go out. Second, you want great restaurant food delivered. Third, you want it piping hot and on time. Fourth, you are unwilling to go out to the curb to get it.
It might be hotter/fresher if you met them at the curb. Some people must have impossible locations where parking us unobtainable.
Do you tip well when they finally make it to your door after double-parking and risking a ticket or getting their car hit?
If I sound bitchy perhaps it’s that I’m jealous?

[quote=“Scargod, post:5, topic:3391”]
It might be hotter/fresher if you met them at the curb.[/quote]

Explain this to me please. It would faster to walk the food to the door rather than calling and waiting for me to come out.

[quote=“Scargod, post:5, topic:3391”]
Do you tip well when they finally make it to your door[/quote]
Yes, when I am tipping 15-20% PLUS a $5.99 delivery fee I expect good service. There is absolutely no risk of them getting a ticket where I live, and no need to double park. I previously lived in downtown Boston (Back Bay & South End) for 15 years. I never saw a delivery person get a ticket for double parking unless they were really parked like an a-hole (blocking traffic), or on a major thoroughfare.

My point was that I’m thinking that I’m not willing to pay a 15-25% markup on the food PLUS $5.99+ deliver fee PLUS tip, and not expect high quality service and product. I don’t believe it’s because I am lazy, but that’s sort of beside the point, no?

I was not speaking to you specifically, but “you” collectively in this thread that are having food delivered. I was making a generalization. I read that for you, there is no parking issue. I was talking to all those where it is a significant issue. You even say that you do not have an issue with parking which implies that others do.
Please don’t take this personally.
Lastly, if a delivery person is trying to find a place to park then they are wasting precious time; for the food and everyone concerned. The whole concept of staying in, not driving, not waiting in line, not dealing with humanity and yet wanting more than a pizza delivered is interesting. I know there are extenuating circumstances and all that. I hope there’s enough energy to eat the food.

I much prefer GrubHub to Foodler - I find them to be faster and cheaper - but they offer fewer restaurants.

What I have learned along the way is that if a restaurant itself offers delivery in addition to using a service, it’s usually better to order from the restaurant directly. They tend to be more flexible on delivery ranges, and it’s often a bit cheaper. The delivery services charge the restaurants too, so it’s better for the restaurant if you order from them directly. Most of the time I order from places I know well, and I’d rather the restaurant keep my money.

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I hoped competition would make prices more competitive, however DoorDash in particular is getting even more ridiculous. They now have hidden “Service Fees” for many restaurants on top of the Delivery Fee and usual menu markups. I say hidden because they are buried under a “Tax & Fees” line item (additional fees are the vast majority of this amount) that you have to click into to reveal the breakdown.

My experience (almost) ordering from Gran Gusto the last night will likely put me off this service. Following is the breakdown of DoorDash markups.

  • Delivery Fee: $6.99 (yes delivery fees are creeping up as well)
  • Service Fee: $12.08 (18% of entire order)
  • Tip: $11.85 (this i have no problem paying as it goes to the driver)
  • Total: $30.90 in markups on an order that would cost $71.69 if I picked it up myself.

That’s a 43% markup! I just can’t do it and respect myself in the morning. This isn’t even including the actual menu prices that are almost always inflated, but don’t appear to be so in this case.

I hate doordash. won’t use it ever again. no accountability…“dasher” delivery person isn’t allowed to check food to see if it’s the correct order, not being a food handler, and I’ve had several dashers flipping around the bag as they delivered with most of the food falling out as they handed it to me, there’s no accountability if you get the wrong food, fees don’t show up earlier in the process, etc.

some of us are disabled, or just had a joint replacement, and don’t have cars or can’t drive because we are disabled, and can’t walk to get public transportation to get to the restaurant for take out, not delivery.