Lobster rolls

Martin’s potato rolls come as hot dog rolls as well. Their round rolls, and loaves, come in whole wheat potato, which are scrumptious, but the hot dog buns don’t.

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FWIW, there are at least three New England lobster roll traditions. Personally, I’m for cold, with mayo and celery, plus lettuce leaf, but completely depart from that camp in that I want anything BUT a white flour roll. Camp #2 is cold with just mayo, and #3 is hot, with melted butter rather than mayo. Prone to drippage, but delish!


Do you remember Caddies? I think they were made by Arnold but I’m not sure. I thought they were brilliant for hot dogs but would do nicely for lobster rolls as well.

Lobster roll lunch yesterday was a big success. I settled on Peppridge Farm top sliced butter hot dog rolls. Overloaded with fresh lobster meat held together with a smidgen of Hellman’s, the rolls were fine.
Saturday night was spent getting the meat out of very hard shelled lobsters. Dish towel and hammer were required for some of the claws but I was rewarded with meat right up to the shell. Chopped the meat into chunks so they’d know if they were eating claw, knuckle or tail. Added the mayo and chilled overnight.
The rolls themselves were actually quite good. Yesterday morning I toasted them side down in a hot cast iron skillet, flipped the rolls and with butter brushed on at the end. Added the lobster and delivered them to the party.
I want to add that most of the lobster meat made it to the luncheon but I had to check to be sure.
Thanks for all the roll suggestions, especially the potato rolls. I’ve never had them but our markets sell them.


Potato rolls are moister than white flour rolls, and less likely to fall apart. They also taste better. Hope you try them.

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Lucky guests!

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Here’s how I do a lobster roll in Houston. Freshly boiled lobster, FRESH hot flour tortillas, lobster, some salt, lots of butter, roll eat and repeat.

It also works well with crawfish.


For some reason that reminded me of a guy I use to work with who ate fajitas on white bread. Like I always say, whatever floats your boat.:slightly_smiling_face:

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