Lobster rolls at Marty's [Newton, MA]

Marty’s Liquors in Newtonville has very good lobster roll deal going. $13.99, stuffed with meat (whole claws in some cases), a small amount of lemon aioli, on a toasted brioche bun. While not the absolute best I have had “lately” (which honor goes to Salty Girl’s Time Out counter last summer, and was mainly distinguished by its perfectly buttered and toasted bun.), it is really quite solid, and about 2X the size and 1/2 the price of that one. Definitely better than the one I had from Woodman’s last week (which was $25).

Check it out if you’re in the area.


How does it compare to Sammy’s Deli in Burlington? I added extra mayo.


Wow. Great tip.

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This is the one that shares a plaza with Whole Foods? Last summer, we stopped into Marty’s for boozy picnic supplies and we saw the sign for the lobster rolls. Guy checking us out was like, “yeah, they are a great deal.” Tempting, but we had other food plans. Thanks for the reminder.

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Hard to say exactly, but roughly comparable in size to that. I’ll take a picture of the next one.


That’s the one. Marty’s is great for (in addition to alcohol) a small well-curated selection of specialty foods including chocolate, fancy bacon, chips, candies, herbs and spices, sandwiches and prepared foods. Kind of a similar vibe to Cardullos.


Decades ago we frequented the Marty’s in Allston on Commonwealth, just past the Brookline city line. Really miss it! Newton’s too far for us coming from Somerville. We called it The Redemption Center because you could redeem your deposit recyclables there before the redeem machines were available.

Is it still here? Centuries ago I was assigned the beer run for an undergrad chemistry majors happy hour and bought several cases of Schuyler beer they had on steep markdown. We soon discovered why it was marked down and I was relieved of beer run duty for the rest of the semester :wink:


Fun story. Marty’s in Allston disappeared many years ago.

Yup. the Allston Marty’s closed, but the Newton store, and the store in Brighton on North Beacon st near Stop and Shop is still there.

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That sounds like some of the idiotic stuff I post. I love it! :sunglasses:

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That about sums up the response I got when I showed up with the beer :wink:


I tried it. 4.8oz of lobster claw and knuckle. My roll was buttered but they forgot to toast it, so the outside of the bun was a soggy mess.


Sorry that you experienced this. A buttered, toasted roll is a must in my book.

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