Loading Dock [Belmont MA]

Had a pleasant unplanned late lunch here today. I sat out on the nicely landscaped patio but wandered inside initially. It’s quite slick inside but all the prepared food on the take-out side looked really good. Not pallid and yucky like you sometimes see at even nice grocery stores. I can totally see me and spring onion biking down there, getting lunch, and grabbing something for dinner that night. I decided to stay a while and got a cup of shiitake mushroom soup, grilled chicken kale and quinoa salad, and a very cold glass of Sauvignon blanc. I left all the chicken and some of the salad to take home and give to my omnivore husband. Salad was flavorful and perfectly dressed. The clear broth shiitake mushroom soup was really hot and umami-ish but I wish there was a little more mushroom in there. Nevertheless, I would order it again if I see it there. I have to say it was a very pleasant spot. I used to work near there but never got a chance to try it out. I think it would be the perfect place for the three of us for a nice but casual lunch or early dinner. Plenty of space for spring onion to wander when he gets restless. I think this place may have gotten some coverage on the other board but not here.


Thanks for reporting! Can you say a little more about what kind of prepared foods they offer? For some reason, I had it in my head that they leaned Middle Eastern, but that doesn’t seem to fit with what you’re describing at all!

Definitely Middle Eastern. Saw lamb dishes, tabouli, etc. all for take-out/eat-in. They had a delicious-sounding lentil soup but anytime I see mushroom anything, that trumps all. Please report back if you try the prepped foods.

Thanks, I’ll definitely check it out when I’m in the area!

A chance to check out the Loading Dock came up, so I had lunch there. I had a falafel kale quinoa bowl and DC had a chicken musakhan; both were excellent. I brought home a tub of muhammara, one of my favorite dips but one that I’m generally too lazy to make myself; I really enjoyed their version. Thanks, digga, for putting this on my radar; I’ll definitely be by again.


The Loading Dock in Belmont started out as a deli type of place and have now morphed into a full fledged sit-down restaurant. They serve lunch and brunch on the weekends. The dining room looked nice, but the chairs weren’t. I went with the Lamb Burger and it was well seasoned and tasty but come out overcooked. Most of the very good fries were just lukewarm. Service was spotty.

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