Lo & Behold Bar and Kitchen (Healdsburg)

In smaller cities like Healdsburg it is sometimes difficult to find anything decent to eat beside fast food if you arrive quite late. So on a recent trip for short weekend vacation to Healdsburg we were quite happy to find Lo & Behold Bar and Kitchen open late and with an interesting menu which didn’t disappoint. The cocktails were also very nice with the added bonus that mocktails weren’t just an afterthought but also well thought out and made

Pea shoot salad, sesame, yoghurt, sunflower seeds - simple but very fresh salad with a nice dressing

Crispy egg rolls, black mushrooms, hot mustard & truffle sauce - plenty of wood ear mushrooms in the filling

Vietnamese crepe, pork belly, prawns, nuoc cham, fresh herbs - banh xeo with plenty of pork belly and prawns

Confit beef brisket tacos, chile negra, white beans, asada onions, consommé - looked like a small portions but turned out to be a quite sizable amount of very tender beef brisket with a nice flavor

The brazen burger, white cheddar, sweet onion, lettuce, fries - the correctly cooked burger came surprisingly with a toasted bread/focaccia but that worked actually quite well

Housemade noodles, kimchi butter, black vinegar, sesame, water chestnuts, egg - Nice mouthfeel on the noodles and the sauce made with kimchi had a nice kick and was addictive, water chestnuts added some texture

Creme caramel, burnt vanilla, coconut - classic preparation

Brownie sundae, peanuts, caramel, yummy stuff - classic preparation


That’s quite an eclectic menu.

Kimchi noodles to tacos to Vietnamese crepes to egg rolls.


I did not take any photos (or really any notes), but we were in Healdsburg for a couple days last week and decided to go to Lo and Behold for drinks/food one evening. We had enjoyed dinner at the Matheson the night before and just didn’t want a big production the next night.

This filled the bill. We had two salads, and one in particular, the cucumber, was fantastic. Thin slices of really tasty fresh cuke, red onion, an almost unctuous, soft and not-too-salty feta (feta!), and a curry vinaigrette. We then shared the short ribs, which our server recommended shredding over the accompanying slaw, dousing liberally with homemade black bean sauce and then squeezing lemon over to lift the dish. Very, vey good but I will think about those simple cucumbers for along time.

The Matheson was also great. I have sometimes found dining in the wine country a bit, hmm how shall I put this?, a little overwrought, but we enjoyed this visit.