[Llandudno] Fish, Tram, Chips

Reading the name of this place, you’d correctly surmise that it’s a chippy. But the “tram” bit? Well, it’s opposite the town station of the Great Orme Tramway. Both tram and chippy were packed this lunchtime.

There’s cod, in both large and small sizes. The large overhangs a normal sized plate. The small sits coyly on a small plate. Both are perfectly cooked. Both have a crisp batter – not the crispiest you’ll ever come across, but crisp enough for most. Chips are excellent and a generous portion. Mushy peas are pretty much perfect – mushy but not a sludge nor are they a lurid green. Sauces are offered but nothing more than vinegar is needed.

By the by, FTC was a 1914 “top 3” in the Independent Shop category in the national Chip Shop of the Year competition.


Needless to say, a typo crept into my final sentence. It was, of course, 2014 when they were a Top 3.

I can only claim diminished responsibility due to spending hours proof reading my latest military history book where, yesterday, I spotted a “reverse” typo, writing that the men had gone into action in northern France in 2016.

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I know exactly where that place is, John. We stayed in Llandudno for a few nights about 3 years ago. I have a feeling that
we might go back one day, and we’ll give the fish a try. We did try the Tram and enjoyed that.

Did you have a meal at that place with the farm shop? I think it was probably you who told me about it.

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Llandudno is day trip territory for us, so only lunch at the chippy.

We did some shopping at the Bodnant farm shop. Bought some of their own cheese and some local lamb. The restaurant, the Hayloft, seems to have a new chef and has gone a bit upmarket. Food looks a bit pricy to me and I’ll bet it proves to be a mistake (although the area could do with a few better quality places).

I guess we’re even. You have Llandudno as a day trip and we have The Sportsman. :slight_smile:

That’s too bad about the Hayloft. And yes, that area does need a few more interesting choices.