Ljubljana & Trieste (suggestions)

I’m going to be in Trieste and Ljubljana for a few days in August. Does anyone have recommendations for regional food in either city…looking for good quality, it doesn’t need to be (nor do I want) Michelin star. Rather a place locals would go.
I’m in San Francisco, CA (and happy to provide any recommendations for SF dining.)
Thank you.



A few suggestions for Ljubljana
Restaurant Pri Škofu
Le petit Cafe

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I had 2 really good dinners in December in Ljubljana. Restaurant Most was a very local crowd in a cozy bistro, but the food was pretty high end and well executed. Whereas Restaurant Georgie would be more of the Michelin star style, but the value for the tasting (59 euro) was phenomenal. It was also all locals, and a young and creative chef cooking in an open kitchen.

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This is great. Thank you so much!

Brilliant. Thank you @BierMonk BierMonk

If you are going up to Planina Zajamniki, Mostnica Gorge or Lake Bohinj, We have had a couple of great meals at Gostilna Rupa. Lots of local Dishes, with very friendly/kind Service in a beautiful Setting.

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Thank you. Unfortunately, we just have 36 hours in Llubljana.