Livotti's middletown

Looks like the new spot is up- has anyone been yet? Looking forward to trying it, love the Matawan location. Great mozz, one of then best eggplant parms I’ve ever had. From what I’ve been told they have some good produce sales too.
Right across the street from Bottle King and J&M Bakery…getting close to having everything in one location.

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I ran in for a few minutes last night right before they closed to get some dogs for my dad and I.

It reminds me of a small Wegmans…kind of.

I basically looked over the meat aisles. I didn’t see any super good deals to be honest. I might have missed a section but I didn’t see any aged beef , prime grade, tomahawks, double cut back bone in pork chops, etc. I did see some killer bone-in veal chops at 16.99 a lb. I might pick one up soon to try. They had some marinated swordfish kabobs which looked interesting. All the fish were taken off ice by that time and the sign said 6.99 for live lobster. I’m guessing they were all 1.125 LBers. Hopefully I’m wrong.

They had a nice freezer full of snow/king crab and caribbean tails. Some of the tails were huge! There was no pricing so that irked me. I noticed this on quite a few items. I may have spontaneously bought some had I known the price, but they were literally closing.

8.99 a lb extensive olive bar looked good.

Produce looked good but I just buzzed through on my way to the meat and didn’t stop to inspect anything.

They had some home made chorizo I plan to try.

Overall this place looked pretty solid. If Wegmans moves to Middletown as I’ve read, they could be in trouble then. I could see this place getting completely railed and claustrophobic as it is a smaller venue than all the normal food stores around here.

From what I gather they are kind of a hybrid small grocer and prepared food spot. They do huge catering business. The fresh mozz is really good. They incorporate the salumeria aspect into it with Italian food like cured metas, cheeses, olives etc. the prepared food I’ve had at the Matawan location had been excellent.
But you’re right the proposed wegmans is a game changer for the entire Middletown area

I think this place should do well in middletown. Does it have any relation to top tomato? I highly doubt it. The prepared foods kind of reminded me of top tomato though. I didn’t check the deli out at all. I literally spent about 5 minutes cruising around the meat section in the back. I have to spend a little time and check some things out next time.

I looked over the ribeye and strip offerings and they were kind of expensive for my eyes. I’d personally hit up whole foods, costco, or better yet Monmouth meats for some fattier cuts that are a few bucks more per lb.

I’d definitely recommend testing this place out. I think people will find some foods up their alley. I just wasn’t blown away by the meat and I’m pretty much a full blown carnivore/protein guy. I am anxious to see their seafood spread. I will report back on my next trip.

There’s a Livottis in Marlboro in the shopping center with Staples. I’ve been in a couple times for better than average cheese which they have. Otherwise those places all seem pretty much the same to me. There’s Livottis, Tuscany, Uncle Ginos, A new one on Spotswood Englishtown rd the name of which escapes me at the moment. Top Tomato had really good fish. The Freehold location closed - I don’t know about the one in Brick.

Usually I just go to Pastosas cuz I know Mike the manager pretty well & he takes good care of me.


If I haven’t mentioned it before, Pastosas (in Cranford, at least) occasionally has these INSANELY GOOD cauliflower patties. They’re fried, but they still count as a vegetable. Also, they contain cheese, so you can also count a serving of dairy. :yum:

They were a staple in my freezer (and reheat beautifully in the oven or microwave) but they haven’t had them the last few times I was in Cranford. Definitely worth asking if they can get them!

No relationship between the two, actually quite the opposite, staunch competitors.

When my office was in Morganviille I use to visit their Matawan fairly frequently and I can’t argue about their quality. Normally their prices are very good too, but like anything else you need to know what you are shopping for. Fish monger use to be sublet and not owned directly by Livoti’s, I don’t know if that has changed but their prices were always pretty good, especially for lobster. I’ve noticed they are big on using loss leaders in their advertising so you can make a score if you know what to look for.

I’ve been to the one on 9 in Marlboro a hand full of times and it’s pretty much the same, I expect Middletown to be similar. Good addition to the area.

Yeah I figured that jr. The thing is the meat preparations are so similar that I had to ask. I’m referring to the marinated meat dishes. It seemed like almost a clone. I have to get back and report on some other things. How do you guys see this amazon take over affecting whole foods?

I would expect it will help make their prices a bit more reasonable, which given their aged meat selection I would welcome. From an overall business plan I’ve read a lot of interesting things regarding enhancing Amazons distribution network. Should be a win-win in my opinion.

I agree that it will be a winning situation for us now, but what does the future hold? I like to support our local proprietors. How will they combat this monster? In a few years we may not have many local delis, butchers, and artisan shops. I have a love/hate relationship with amazon. I won’t go on a rant…yet lol

Had some prepared foods today. The eggplant parm was money as usual. Really good. Bread was quite good, it sure where it’s from but very good. Boards head cold cuts were 5.99 a lb for the opening weekend it seems too. About to try some dessert from the bakery in bit and will report back. If I were Drearborn I’d be worries

Have you been back yet? I think Dearborn will be fine. I’d be pretty nervous if I was a trader joes and a livottis moved nearby. I don’t get that place. I went a few times, tried to like it and just didn’t really get the hype. This was many years ago and I haven’t been back. When I went most of the stuff was frozen. Maybe that is the trader joe niche. Who knows

Ceej I would characterize it thusly.

Livottis is a really big Italian deli with fresh meats and produce.

Trader Joe’s is a specialty grocery store with an emphasis on prepared foods.

They both charge higher prices than normal stores because the cater to smaller households and the tendency of people to be too busy to cook these days.

I would say that TJs has a bigger selection of frozen nukeable entrees, including some good Tex Mex, Indian, and Asian items. If you don’t feel like making a chili releno from scratch, but want one as a side with a steak, this is useful.

Traders is also nothing like what it was when it started, which was more a retailer of odds and ends from Europe, and cheap wine, in California.

I think the reason TJs has been so successful in recent years is young professionals and retirees using it a lot.

I notice in Shrewsbury that Traders always seems to be filled with 30-60 year old females in yoga pants, and there is no yoga studio in that plaza. They outnumber males 3 to 1 in that store. Whereas Livottis is more balanced, with a lot of middle aged and older men stocking up on sandwiches deli and meats.

Don’t know why, but that’s just my observation.

Finally made the trip to the new location. First, the added floor space vs. Matawan makes shopping a pleasure. We picked up an artichoke twist bread, fresh ball of mozz, apple muffins, prepared meatballs and mac and cheese bites out of curiosity. Meatballs had zero garlic and were too hard more like round meatloaf, mac and cheese bits worked well in a waffled sandwich I made today. Also gave their grind your own pb a whirl, tasty if you enjoy no oil pb, a container of olives from the bar and plans to return for a few prepared sandwiches, meats and fish next time. Our haul was $35.

I thought the prices were pretty good. Produce didnt appear higher and prepared foods looked alot fresher than other grocers in the immediate area.

Our fav purchase were the apple muffins and twisted bread.

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“Mike” was working the pizza oven tonight so we returned to give Livoiti’s made to order pizzas a try. $10.00 for a medium sized pie. We ordered vodka sauce, chicken, basil, cheese toppings. You can enjoy the pizza in the store sitting at the pizza counter but we opted to go home. While the thin crust was dosed with a very delicious olive oil ( and I will ask about brand next time we go) toppings were incredibly skimpy and lacking. in a word: boring. The premade pies sold in the case are far more generous for the same price. Live and learned!

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