Living on the edge- raw oysters in Mexico

I love raw oysters and pretty much eat them whenever opportunity knocks.

I have to restrain myself from eating them in Bucerias (near Puerto Vallarta) every winter while on holiday. I fear that I’ll spend the rest of my trip ill. I’ve been to Mexico at least 15 times, so I don’t get sick like I did the first few times.

The idea of raw oysters, warmer water and warm weather just doesn’t sit well with me. But, the oysters just look so darn good.

Anyhow, anyone have any feedback?

The sickest I’ve ever been was after eating ceviche on the beach in Alcapuco in the 70s. Living on the edge and alive to tell about it. I would say I was doing better than a guy we met at our hotel that had an upper lip 3 times it’s normal size after a night at the local whore house


I have not eaten Mexican oysters in Mexico, but I used to buy bags of oysters from Mi Puebla, a mexican grocery chain in California. The oysters were produced from Ensenada, near Tijuana. I ate those oysters (week old) raw, and no stomach issues.

I am not making a blanket statement to say that eating oysters raw from warmer waters are ok. I am just offering up a data point. Now of course, the thought of warm water near Ensenada did cross my mind when I ate them.

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Ouch. Have you touched ceviche since?

Good to know. I realize it’s also going to depend on the conditions in which they were shucked, whether they were kept chilled etc. too. I go shopping and I walk by these little seafood places and am so darn tempted. I just want to hear if anyone does it and is alive and well to tell about it.

Absolutely. Location makes a difference. I make it at home, not often enough

That was the only time I got sick in Mexico

Ok, so I bit the bullet and did a dozen raw oysters in Bucerias (outside Puerto Vallarta.)

Verdict- VERY salty. Freshly shucked, I watched the guy. My husband had one and passed on the rest. He’s newer to oysters and wasn’t really a fan.

They were smaller oysters- probably the size of malpeques.

For me , these needed to be bigger and juicier to off set the salinity. I love fat, juicy pacific oysters.

Overall, it is case of “been there, done that.” I love oysters but wouldn’t bother with these again, if what I ended up was characteristic.

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But both of you survived to tell the tale, despite the warm water!

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