Livermore - Brewey with food?

I will visit Livermore (from Los Angeles) around 10/22 - 10/23; I will likely be sampling the local beer, but I’d rather do it with good food present. Which of the breweries in or near Livermore have good food?

Dublin would be OK too. It is impossible to tell which restaurant might have decent food with a local beer selection.

I love to visit the San Jose / East Bay / Fremont / Livermore area! So many humans, the food has really improved from where it was in the 80’s.

I don’t know that much about the Livermore / Dublin beers, but I would recommend sneaking out to the southern east bay and hitting Drakes — although there’s no food there and no food within shouting distance. At the brewery, you can get more barrel aged beer than you’ll find on shelves.

You might call and ask when they’re having a food truck - I hear they do that about once a week.

Thanks! I know Drake’s in San Leandro - I hear they have a newer place in Oakland now - that serves pizza!

I look forward to hearing what’s good in livermore. I see three on yelp - Working Man, Altamont, and 8 bridges. I think I’ve tried altamont and liked it (outside brewer), don’t think I’ve tried the other two.

I’m looking forward to trying Faction. I like their beers, and it seems tasting there would be fun. Reviews mention a few food truck options, probably one weekends.

Faction (alameda) definitely has food on weekends (scolari’s has a truck/something nearby. bbq usually present at Faction). Working Man, Altamount, 8 bridges a maybe. should check on it. only one in Livermore had food when i went a year to 2 ago. those missing foods was planning on it. Three sheets in Dublin had some food one saturday.

I’ve never seen more than 1 food truck at Faction. This weekend, it was Sticks Corn Dogs. The last time I went in April, it was a BBQ truck. I can’t remember if it was Burnt Ends, the truck that is currently on their weekend rotation.

The outdoor seating at Faction is really exposed, so if it’s a nice day like yesterday, don’t forget hat and sunscreen! They don’t put umbrellas up for shade.

Hi Ron,
I am not sure your definition of “good” food, but if you like pub fare, I would recommend the First Street Ale House for a big beer selection, including Altamont. I personally like their Carnitas sandwich.
Around the corner from FSAH there is a place called Tap 25, tiny space with lots of good beer choices. There is no food there, but there is a place right next door where you can get snacks and sit in their shared courtyard.