Little Thai Kitchen operating in Rye...

It took a while, but Little Thai Kitchen is now open on Purchase Street in Rye…check out their website for a smile.

The food there is good … and the lunch menu is a good bargain - same food as dinner menu but almost half the price.

I didn’t realize they had a location in Chappaqua. I’ve been to the one in Scarsdale a few years ago and had a nice lunch. Will have to check it out!

Are you saying that the portion sizes are the same for lunch and dinner? I actually did get a duck dish there for lunch a few months ago and enjoyed it. The price was certainly much more reasonable than at dinner, basically half price. Someone else had implied that the portion sizes were the same. As I’ve never had dinner there, I don’t have anything to compare it to. I should get there again, it’s not that far from work.

BTW checking their order website reminded me of one thing that bothered me about them – $1.25 extra charge for brown rice.

It’s almost straight ahead when you head over the bridge into town and bear left. Lots of parking behind the building (which I did not realize until recently) but you need to enter on the other end near the school.

Yes It seemed to be the same size portions