little indonesia, queens

perhaps an HO meetup here:

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Looks great! Count me in!


In fact the neighborhood offers two monthly bazaars, not only at the parish hall of St. James Episcopal Church but also at the Elmhurst Memorial League. The latter is on hiatus during Ramadan; so is New York’s oldest Indonesian bazaar, held in the parking lot of Masjid al-Hikmah in Astoria.

The St. James event will return on April 29, but not in Queens; it’s being held in Chelsea …
… most likely as one block of your typical pashmina and lucky bamboo New York street festival.

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Sounds good to me

I think I have house guests that week (though not entirely clear if they are actually staying in my house), so will have to let you know, if this is the date picked for this excursion, whether I can go or not. Sounds great to me, though.

That will be a busy weekend all around, and that day I might be headed for Burmese, Garifuna, or West African chow myself. Another afternoon, in Elmhurst or at the masjid in Astoria, is also in the cards.