List of places to eat in Montreal

I put together a list of restos for a friend for MTL - thought I’d provide them here as a courtesy as well.

Joe Beef
Maison Publique
Hôtel Herman
Babane à Sucre au Pied de Cochon
Bouillon Bilk
Le ClubChasse et Pêche
Maison Boulud
Au Pied de Cochon
Le Filet

This is my “shortlist” I’m working through right now (click on the grey icon below to go to the tumblr page). These are restaurant I need to visit or revisit. I made it a while ago and its pretty large. Its classified by price first then by region.

Maybe not for a tourist but if it can be a fodder for discussion…

My symbols:

!= Good buzz at the moment, recommended to tourists
*=Heard about it from somewhere, somehow. Interesting.
?=No buzz but personal curiosity. Lacks a good resto in that category, unexplored area, new origin
&=Never wanted to go there but need to go there at least once to make my own opinion

I have tried the following since I originally made the list:

  • Dilallo
  • Tejano BBQ Burritos
  • Sumac
  • Satay Brothers
  • Gros Jambon is dead (had breakfast there but wanted to try supper)
  • Balsam Inn
  • Garage Beirut
  • La bulle au carré is dead
  • Chez Chili
  • Art Brgr
  • L’Gros Luxe
  • Le Petit Alep
  • Chalet BBQ

Your list looks good. You might not be able to get in “La Cabane à sucre Pied de Cochon” as the reservations comes once a year and they book their whole season in less than a day.