Lisa's Family Pizzeria, Woburn, MA

Back when I delivered mail in Woburn, I dimly recall that, when covering a piece of a vacationing carrier’s route, I stopped for an unimpressive slice at this North Woburn pizzeria. Recently, they had a promo via Uber Eats, so I ordered delivery to the place where I’m staying while my house is undergoing major repairs. The pizza was topnotch thin crust style. Though the crust is ordinary white flour, it has lots of flavor and a pleasant, stretchy chew. If I still had dogs, they would NOT get the crust pieces! The sauce is on the sweet side (like the late lamented Cafe Luigi in Bedford), the caramelized onions luxuriously soft. I also had their clam strip plate, but that was meh. The strips as well as the fries) were obviously a frozen, food service product, as much breading as clam, with little flavor. I’d guess the coleslaw was house-made, but seemed to be just cabbage, carrot, and mayo. Some onion and vinegar would have improved it.


They also have excellent honey mustard wings.

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They also have a location in Belmont, in case anyone wants to give it a try. (I have not.)

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No, they don’t. Each is independently owned. There are a couple of guys starting them and getting them up and running and then selling them. Not sure if any franchising is involved since the websites are quite similar.

I’m not sure I understand what differentiation you’re making. Whether they’re all owned by the same people, or franchised, they should be operating under the same menu and recipes. So, saying there is one in Belmont is not correct? I disagree.

Am I the only one around here who doesn’t like the pizza sauce to be sweet?
I also don’t understand how people enjoy sweet bbq sauce on pizza

I sound like an old man don’t I :upside_down_face:

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Well, in starting this thread, I made a point of mentioning that the sauce is sweet, so those who like an acidic sauce could bail out. I notice that national brand spaghetti sauces have become sweeter in recent years or decades. I’d prefer they weren’t, so I could doctor them with sucralose or aspartame, but still don’t understand the hype for Rao’s…IMO, gack!

But I agree that no form of BBQ sauce belongs on a pizza!

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