Liquor License For Sale

I know there are a number of you either in the restaurant business or looking to enter it. I thought this might be of some interest.


They’re good auctioneers but I have to work tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing, I actually posted about this in another thread.


I must have missed it. Any idea on what the liquor license could go for? I have no interest in buying but am curious.


My post was in the body of a thread not a thread dedicated to this article so you didn’t really miss anything. (FYI it looks like the craigslist post has been deleted)

Regarding the value of the license I can’t speak specifically for that town but it’s not unheard of for licenses in Monmouth County to go for 500k.

I read most posts even if I don’t have anything to say so I may have seen your posting but don’t remember it.

$500k? No wonder restaurants with liquor licenses can’t/won’t spend money on decent quality food. I’m trying to think of other licenses in Avon and can only come up with The Norwood Inn and The Columns, neither particularly known for their food.


Liquor has a greater profit margin than food .

You know what? My apologies MsBean I went back to the thread I thought I posted this in and I don’t see that I did. I guess I saw it on CL but didn’t post it here, sorry for the misinformation.

@emglow101 - - Ain’t that the truth. I owned a sub/sandwich shop (no liquor) and we sometimes had no profit margin!

@NotJrvedivici - - No apologies necessary.

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