Linzer Torte

My Grandmother made these every holiday season, and frankly it was one of the only things she made that I loved. So this year I wanna give one a try.

In browsing various recipes online I see a number of options. I’d luv to hear opinions from folks who make these.

1.) Flour: AP or mix of AP and almond flour.

2.) Nuts: almonds or hazelnuts or half and half. And would pecans work as I like them better than either almonds or hazelnuts.

3.) Nut Prep: blanched or toasted.

4.) Resting Time: just until it cools, or days or even weeks to supposedly develop more flavor.


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Mmm, haven’t had that in years! I always thought of it as a nut pastry with jam, so definitely nuts in the crust.

Pecans are slightly higher fat but nuts are fairly interchangeable.

If using almonds or hazelnuts you can blanch to remove the skins but I’d still toast afterwards for flavor.

I think they’re equally good but different after a few days, the jam melds with the pastry and softens it.


there’s many ways to make one. it’s just a shortbread crust with jam . . .

so it depends on how close to ‘authentic’ (EGAD!! that again!!) you wish to stick.

pecans are not native to Europe - so that would rule them out

imho, it ain’t right without floured almonds in the AP - 2 parts AP, 1 part almonds by weight.
the nuts need to be cooked, not raw. I do a light toasting - as in near-no color toasting - keep a nose out for the aroma release . . . shortly after that, they’re ready.

I have used hazelnuts - works fine, but almonds are my personal preference.

the jam . . . Europe has a number of “berries” which are not commonly available in USA - once again the ‘authentic’ issue . . .
my preference is (seedless) blackberry jam/preserves, although raspberry is likely closer to those ‘authentic’ made in Linz (company has a factory there, gained a couple pounds every trip…)

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