lineage or summer shack for easter/major birthday brunch...(Bos/NE)

i’ve been invited for a easter/major birthday brunch and i get to pick the spot. the people doing the inviting are not real foodies, and their daughter alternates between vegetarian and vegan.

i’ve narrowed it to lineage or the cambridge summer shack. any thoughts, or alternate suggestions?

I’m almost certain Lineage only does dinner. Not brunch or lunch.

But if that’s changed you have a very stark choice between a white-table, grown-up spot with excellent food and service (Lineage) and a casual, spot appropriate for all ages with more casual but good fare.

thanks for your response.

according to, lineage is doing an easter brunch with an a la carte menu. summer shack is a $35 buffet. my friends aren’t huge eaters, so lineage might actually wind up being the better value.

A special brunch!

I love Lineage and have never had anything but great food there.

I like Summer Shack ok.

They are just totally different experiences …

Ditto - I would pick Lineage over Summer Shack every time. In terms of other suggestions, would be helpful to know what you’re looking for, as those two restaurants are quite different.

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Island creek oyster bar
Request the 1638 cocktail to start

thanks all.

we decided on the summer shack’s bluegrass buffet – something for everyone and some great music.

Just avoid the Summer shack lobster (last time I tried it, it was overcooked )

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