Lincroft Inn

Could be, though if it were only beams I don’t know how they would be preserved for the next business unless they were kept in storage.

Usually, if the historic part of the structure is unsafe, it is allowed to be knocked down.

FWIW, and IMHO, “old” is not the same as “historic”. Was there something other than age that made the Lincroft Inn historic?

From my local understanding it was a registered historical building. I know there was a plaque inside that declared it was. Here is an interesting article on the history of the building, although it doesn’t give mention to it becoming a registered historical building.

Perhaps more information could be provided by the so called " Lifelong Learning instructor at Brookdale and a local historian" quoted in the article, but good luck finding him!


My wife will attest to the fact that I’m old and not historic.


I hear his agent is real tough!


To my knowledge, nothing significant happened there but in the USA, “old” structures tend to get designation just for existing. Especially ones that are for public/business use (and even some private residences).

Not to knock the museum I work at, but it is on the national register of historic places. It was built in 1893 and is a glorious example of Victorian architecture, but nothing important actually happened there, nor did anyone with notoriety live there. Honestly, it’s just old!

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That is hilarious. As I am also a Lifelong Learning Instructor at Brookdale for five years now I know that this is not a hard thing to acheive. So take what he says with a grain of salt :grin:


About time we dust off this thread with an update!! I noticed the equipment moved back to the site a couple weeks ago, looks like their time in the penalty box is over! Let the construction begin!!


A lovely trip along the shore from the furthest reaches of northeast Monmouth County to it’s southern border with pit stops in Sea Girt, Brielle, and Point Pleasant brought us to Charlie’s of Bay Head and a wonderful Monday early seafood dinner. Chilled and grilled shrimp…flounder francaise, and a swordfish special with a sweet potato purée, Brussels sprouts, lardons of bacon and a creamy sauce whose components elude me but whose deliciousness haunts me made us wish we didn’t have to cross the Shark River…and lo and behold! Charlie’s of Bay Head, (we were told) will be opening their next endeavor on the sight of the former Lincroft Inn, which y’all may have known, but did you know this?


That looks divine, I’m going tomorrow :wink:

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We went to Charlie’s a few weeks ago for the first time and thought it was great. Excellent service as well.


Agree on both counts!

Just leaving this here…


Why? LOL

Sebastian Bach had a history with Lincroft Inn … pretty sure it’s mentioned upthread.

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I was being sarcastic…as in who cares about SB?

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