Lincroft Inn

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go to town on the peel and eat shrimp and their fried (frozen) shrimp

That’s a winning combo. I wish I was there to spectate your path of destruction.


You should try joon’s garlic shrimp recipe at the grill station…good stuff!

I find it hilarious that the Lincroft inn has been there for ages and they are most renown for Sebastian Bach stories lol.

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Initially I thought he was moving back as construction on his old home has come near completion but I noticed a builders “For Sale” sign on the property now. (I know you or someone posted an article that he wasn’t moving back to the area) He was certainly a character…like so many though booze kept him from maintaining his “celebrity”.

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Be careful or you will get a lecture on MSG from @junkliss

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MSG? My son was just there last week, had 3rd row court side seats for the Knicks game. He went to dinner at Keen’s he got the mutton on my recommendation but he was less than thrilled with it. Personally I don’t need a lecture on MSG I avoid it at all costs, simply get off the train and get the hell outta there.

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So I have a question.

If a restaurant has sushi, bbq, pizza, and Mexican on the same menu is it safe to assume that probably none of the food is great?


Funny…I was just having this conversation with someone yesterday! We were discussing Langosta Lounge and I said that while I’ve only been there a few times (and that I understand the concept–the menu represents places/dishes from the owner’s travels), I feel like the menu says “We’re not sure who/what we are as a restaurant.” I’ve had a few meals there and they’ve all been just okay, and I suspect that part of the issue is a lack of focus. If your team needs to cook Thai, burgers, sushi, Italian, etc., etc., etc., chances are good that they may not excel at any of them. That’s MY opinion… But when my friend said on one visit their burgers were great and on the next, notsomuch, well, I rest my case, yerhonor. :grin:

[Sidebar: I recently had a dish there that really wowed me; a Thai winter squash and green apple soup that was EXCELLENT. I don’t say that lightly, as I make some damn good soups and have learned how to do soup in general. But then the sandwich was…just okay.]


Yeah he was a doozie! My buddy lived next to him (house on the right facing sebastians)

Did I ever tell you the story of my friends dad getting arrested for “trespassing” on the reservoir?

@VikingKaj are you referring to a certain spot or just generalizing? I’d agree with @CurlzNJ I think places lose focus but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a few standout dishes in their lineup.

Aji in long branch is one of these hybrid spots. It’s Chinese owned sushi and thai. The sushi is not bad but the Thai food sucks…small portions, not cheap and very bland in my eyes. It’s the same owner as ming ying, which I lIke too.

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I’m dying here with the commentary. Good convo, and on the $$ assessment as to Tommy’s Hagar (all done in tongue in cheek and positivity). And I just might send you a bill for re-aggravating a strained rib muscle after reading that Vince Guardiano piano from Charley Brown’s Christmas. F*cking hurts when that happens.

Btw, you’re right in your relay to Jake as to where he probably should’ve set his feet under the table. Tommy’s is what it it is (just because the lot is jammed, doesn’t denote any degree of quality, other than it being Porta* North and that’s not to disparage what little goodies that that joint has). Or that other anomaly of full parking lots - Pete & Eldas.

Oh well, carry on. This po’ boy is currently immersed in the Homeland marathon, with the frosted Yeungies and home made sausage (fresh/lean) & pepper sandwich being as gastronomic as I’m getting tonight.

  • another gathering place for hoi polli suburbanites and their families, now that the coast is clear and the APPD on the j-o-b.

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If I ever own a restaurant it would have the most eclectic menu ever as my specialties are all over the map. But I’m special … at least my mother says so.

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Its safe to assume most of the food is frozen.

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Trust me she’s not the only one saying so.

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Speaking of which has anyone tried the new international restaurant on the corner of Broad & Peters Place in Red Bank? They offer more food varieties than the UN represents nations.

@CurlzNJ I concur on La gosta, I wasn’t unhappy but also not thrilled, just couldn’t figure out their “vibe”.
They did sit a table next to us who requested to be moved to another table after their water was poured. They moved the people but didn’t bring the water glasses nor remove them prior to reseating the table. I told the guests about their “stale” water, although I wasn’t sure if the other people actually drank from them.


Jr are they even open?

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No idea…


So any news on the Lincroft inn and/or Sebastian? Lol

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Tommypalooza: sushi, Mexican, pizza and burgers with 10 beers on tap.

That’s my prediction.

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I work in Lincroft and my 19 year old co-worker thought it was a funeral home based on the look of the building.


Is the place even open now?