Lincoln Lounge - Mt. Vernon - closed?

Just heard Lincoln Lounge closed down? Sorry if I’m late on this. Too bad…so many good places are just vanishing. :frowning:

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The only thing i ever tried there was the pizza,but still miss it.Fortunately lots of good pizza (w/travel) in westchester.Beside good slices- hit or miss throughout county,but non-ny style I’m a fan of anthony’s coal fired and frankie and fanucci.Funny,I gave pepe’s another try yesterday- sad to say,while not awful,nothing to make me want to go back including a staff that took NO pride in the place or the food itself. If i do get the urge for pepe’s would drive to fairfield before i would drive to yonkers (and i’m in new rochelle)

Sra. Swanky, I knew someone who knew someone who knew that MacMenamin took over Lincoln Lounge and drove it right into the ground. MacMenamin is the kiss of death to all his restaurants, but this was more than that.

I loved it way back, especially over Johnny’s in Mount Vernon. Their drinks were astonishing, and their service excellent, and their divey atmosphere perfect. Their food was fine, and I miss them very much. I HATE the yuppie pizza places you mention, Lombado’s in my 'hood, and Burrata in Eastchester, and the fact that Mr. Primos likes the thin as matzo yuppie pizza now.

I will not go quietly, etc., but I have no choice.

rich, I hated Yonkers Pepe’s and won’t go back. Hubby wants to try New Haven again, I have a feeling, since Pater Pepe died, that it won’t be the same. Fairfield was better than the awfulness of Yonkers, but I can get outstanding pizza at Francesco, which was just noted as one of the top ten in Westchester on Trip Advisor. If it goes to his head, I’m sunk.

I’m a little confused
Did MacMenamin take over recently
or did he take over right after the original
owners closed?
I thought I remember them closing reopening
and then closing again almost immediately, then
reopening… who’s on first!

He was involved at the end, with another business man.

You’re right, they closed, opened, then announced a reopening and closed again - after a week.

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Thought it was Macmenamin- that is all he has ever done opened and closed,unfortunately most of his places were better when closed:) Lombardo’s actually makes a pretty decent slice,as does Nicky’s,Amendola’s in Hartsdale.Not a fan of Fortina- i want to like it,but can’t

Yup. I actually liked his Club Car in Mam’k, especially when it was empty. Duh, portend of the end.

His place in New Rochelle was okay, but it was a harbinger of the weird yuppie places.

We just went to one of my favorites, Francesco’s (thank you Sarah and Bridgette for a he-man’s drink), and it was pleasantly busy for a Friday night. We got right in, so I hope the yuppies never find out about it.

The place was gorgeous but the service was the worst!

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