Lin Dong Fang Taipei

While in Taipei we desire the best Taiwan Red Cooked Beef Noodles Soup. The Hotel staff advise me to go to Lin Dong Fang near our Hotel as the best. Well arrived at 11:1 5 AM and found a line outside with 1o.2 people ahead of us
We were able to enter were able served quickly. Had two bowls of half and half Beef shank and tendon noodle soup as will two sides of tofu at 40 NT each. T

The beef was perfect while the Tendon had some soft and hard pieces.

The whole meal was less then 700 NT

No.322 Sec 2 Bade Rd Zhongshan Dist.
Taipei City

A added bonus was that a block up the street was Pepper Beef Bun made in a Indian oven which was only 40 NT each. This lunch took care of two items on my eating trip bucket list


Those are hujiao bing baked in tandoor-like ovens. These ovens were introduced to the Chinese (mainly Hakka used it) perhaps by visiting Muslim traders who’d been visiting this part of the world since the Tang Dynasty in the 8th-century. Another theory was that the use of these ovens were brought over by the Central Asians (Mongols or Manchus) and are called “tan-dir”. These same people introduced the “tandoor” oven to India - in what is present-day Punjab - during their early invasions.

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