Lille recommendations?

Bonjour! My wife and I will be in Lille for three days/nights in September and are looking for a mix of highbrow and lowbrow places to dine. All suggestions welcome!

I don’t have any personal experience with Lille, but there is a Beer Festival from 19 to 25 September.

We’ll be there during that period! I’m much more a wine guy than a beer guy, but this sounds like fun!

Personally, I have no experience with this city.

I have foodie friends dined at l’Auberge de Vert Mont, and they recommended the place, if you like creative cooking. The same chef Florent Ladeyn has 2 other restaurants le Bloempot, and Bierbuik- Bloemeke. Ladeyn was in the final round in top chef 2013 and lost the competition to the winner. I believe tv viewer were very upset, they organized an online fund raising to makeup his lost champion place they believed he deserved. LOL!