Light flavored EVOO

My doctor had me eliminate many things, one being canola oil, and my labs have improved. But I really miss using canola oil in my vinaigrettes. I always seemed to get a better oil acid balance and other flavors were more pronounced.

Are there any extra virgin olive oils that don’t behave like traditional EVOO’s? I’m looking for light, minimal flavor. I know that may not be entirely possible, but any brands or regions that get me as close to that as possible would be appreciated.

I’m loving this new site, btw!!! THANK YOU for creating it!

without understanding the specific health reason for eliminating Canola in favor of Olive my suggestion may be totally off base but when I am looking to use a “light” or clean flavored oil I really like rice bran oil as it is very neutral and purportedly is among the “healthier” options for oil.

I would recommend you try seeking out Liquid Coconut Oil. I know Coconut Oil has become more mainstay, but unless you seek out liquid, it can be solid at room temperature.

They do offer a pure liquid version. Here is just a link to show you what it might look like.

Industrially refined “light-tasting” olive oils retain their monounsaturates, but not the beneficial compounds that largely account for the bitterness in EVOO. Certain kinds of olives, e.g., arbequina and taggiasa, yield a more gentle EVOO, as do the more fully ripened olives used in some oils from, e.g., Provence.

Thanks everyone!! I will add your suggestions to my list.

I did some add’l research and read that the Liguria region of Italy is also known to have a neutral flavor.