Ligaya Mishan, NY Times Hungry City Good recs?

Ligaya Mishan writes the Hungry City column for the NY Times. Have you patronized her suggested restaurants? Which are winners? Which are losers?

I’ve been to House of Inasal in Woodside twice, and each time was wonderful. If you like pungent flavors and offal, this spot is for you.

Some must-haves for me are the kwek-kwek (battered, fried quail eggs), grilled isaw (pork intestine), liver, gizzard & heart Inasal (grilled skewers with rice (though I hold the rice)), and the sizzling sisig (chopped fried pork belly, liver & onions). Oh, and tosilog, sweet marinated pork with garlic fried rice and fried eggs. There are so many other tasty things on that menu that I’d love to have in my regular rotation, despite living in Brooklyn.

I went to the hand pulled noodle just once back when it was still so cold here, the langham noodles were really delicious, chubby and chewy, in soup as a warm you up winter meal. The place is very small yet you do need to eat the noodles ASAP like at Xian so you might end up standing and slurping.
I’ll go back again when it turns frigid

Food Sermon in Crown Heights, Brooklyn was pretty good for a casual spot. No tables, just a narrow counter running along the storefront windows. Pictured, fall off the bone braised lamb shank with coconut ginger sauce, accompanied by rice & chick peas.